Monday, November 14, 2011

Target !!

As we all know next week is the week for interview. Nervous? 

yup..VERY!! to overcome that, i switch it into POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT.... ( ye ker??)

I mean GLORIOUS side of it. What is the BEST thing about KUCHING? Well of course FOOD!!. nyum nyum ..After the interview, i would like to MELAHAP these~~






P/s: Those pics are in big size because it helps my eyes temptation~~ haha

Thursday, November 10, 2011

MIss Universe Malaysia 2012

Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 is :

Name: Kimberly Leggett (Kimberley)
Age: 18
From: Pulau Pinang
Height: 175cm
Occupation: Part time model/ Student Majoring in Economics and Business
Hobbies: Athletics, basketball, volleyball, tennis, sports

P/S: They really need to polish up the Q&A section. Seriously need help on that critical part. Major-major problem~~ 

One and only

One and only is a song by one of my favourite artist : ADELE. Well i downloaded her two albums and really enjoy listening to her songs. Lots of people did cover or i would rather say sing Adele's song in their own version, including ME. haha... but i don't have the courage to upload it. *shalu kek* Just keep mine to myself and it just for fun. This video is one of the million of people who did One and Only cover.
Adele - One And Only
You've been on my mind
I grow fonder every day, lose myself in time
Just thinking of your face God only knows
Why it's taking me so long to let my doubts go
You're the only one that I want

I don't know why I'm scared, I've been here before
Every feeling every word, I've imagined it all,
You'll never know if you never try to forgive your past
And simply be mine

I dare you to let me be your, your one and only
Promise I'm worthy to hold in your arms
So come on and give me the chance
To prove that I'm the one who can
Walk them miles
Until the end starts

Have I been on your mind
You hang on every word I say, lose yourself in time
At the mention of my name, will I ever love
How it feels to hold you close
And have you tell me which ever road I choose you'll go

I don't know why I'm scared, cuz I've been here before
Every feeling every word, I've imagined it all,
You'll never know if you never try to forgive your past
And simply be mine

I dare you to let me be your, your one and only
I promise I'm worthy to hold in your arms
So come on and give me the chance
To prove that I'm the one who can
Walk them miles until the end starts

I know it ain't easy
Giving up your heart
I know it ain't easy
Giving up your heart

Nobody's perfect. Trust me, I've learned it.
(I know, it ain't easy, giving up your heart.)
Nobody's perfect. Trust me, I've learned it.
(I know, it ain't easy, giving up your heart.)

Nobody's perfect. Trust me, I've learned it.
(I know, it ain't easy, giving up your heart.)
Nobody's perfect. Trust me, I've learned it.
(I know, it ain't easy, giving up your heart.)

So I dare you to let me be your, your one and only
I promise I'm worthy to hold in your arms
So come on and give me the chance
To prove that I'm the one who can
Walk them miles until the end starts
Come and give me the chance
To prove that I'm the one who can
Walk them miles until the end starts.

p/s: I really love his version. Like seriously i keep on playing this video for hundred times.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thank You

Thank you very much for tie. So gorgeous and beautiful (nang kacak uols) ..iboh jeles... hihi 
Gonna wear it for interview SPP on 22 Nov. Matching uols ngan baju . 

Thank you again. I really love it~~

p/s: lucky charms~~

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tanda ko sudah gemuk tu~

Ini adalah bukti aku semakin berat. This incident happened last week, while i'm busy finishing my assignments. It was 2 in the morning. My whole family were sleep soundly at that time. Luckily only my mum heard and feel the *earth quake* from my room. The next morning she asked me about what happened. I explained to her and she was laughing in tears at me. She said :

*Tanda ko sudah terlalu GEMUK tu!!*

Yup it was really pain in the ass... Now i know how it feels like.Well moral of the story, never buy this kind of chair!! haha

p/s: can't accept the fact that i'm a BIT heavy~~ *denial mode*


 These are my little heroes. People said that having cats as pets can reduce your tense/stress and improve your health. I totally agreed on that statement. Sometimes when i'm alone cat is a great company. People would say dog is better but i hate *the barks*. A bit annoying to be exact. Cats will ONLY meow if they feel hungry. Yes, it's true / or i would say it applies to my cats and their favourite food is fish. They love to run inside the house because i didn't let them play outside, I'm afraid they will get lost, like what happened to my previous cats.These are their gorgeous pictures. 


KONTOT (because of the short tail)

BINO (because of the colour)

Both of them in the middle of fighting...
Well my family favour Siamese cats. Because of their blue sea stunning looking eyes and they are so active. Seriously playing non-stop until i have to stop them..

p/s: sapa mok kucing siam..mek ada agik... kat umah panjang~~ kelak mek tolong ambik~

Monday, October 31, 2011

Ceciter Esah

Ceciter bersama esah..Sori sbb esah lama sik update..Busy light-light ja~~...Mek bersyukur banyak rezeki masuk 2-3 minggu lepas.. banyak juak kerja dipolah sementara menunggu buah masak tok...

Yang latest mek polah pasal pendidikan seni. Tq to tham (C1) for the job. Really appreciate it....mula2 agak bengong juak baca tajuk iya..nya ada duak soalan.. Cara mengajar seni visual, muzik n pergerakan..sik penah molah benda tok.. nasib bukan lukis2..nulis2 ja~~mun melukis tek nang hancus la lukisan esah..dolok time sekolah esah selalu dpat C/D untuk lukisan ko.. ko HADA? haha

Walaupun mek sik tauk glak pasal P.Seni tok, gigih juak mencari info uols. Nang best la molah nya.. Macam2 lesson plan dipolah.. siap ada lirik-lirik lagu gik iya..mampu?? haha sebahagian dari pembelajaran uols..nie tauk kelak kat sekolah disuruh jadi cgu koir..harus pandei belagu ala2 Mariah Carey n Beyonce.. mantap cik esah ... (VOGUEH KAN DAK DUAK IYA)

Banyak juak penulisan akademik dah ditulis esah contohnya surat berhenti kerja, minta kerja, thesis editting: isu halal, Pendidikan Khas (celik abjad), BM,  resume krrja..n byk gik la... tok kali 3 molah assignment OUM..nang best.. Well, kinek tok sapa2 mok ada tugasan mok dipolah, esei mok diedit, berik jak...kelak mek tolong polah.. harga bole runding...gtewww...

Ok iya ja la esah mok share~~ esok lusa esah nulis gik..

p/s: kumpul belanja sikit2...malu mok nyusah org tua..x perlu merayu domba agik..dah besar uols..  gigih esah koh~~

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dam Syik

Last week, my family had our dinner at Farley Sibu. Those who are from Sibu know that food court. So as usual we tried to find n sit at our favourite spot. FYI it have been months we never been there( after one incident whereby my food never come to me AFTER ONE HOUR) . Not that recommendable place to eat because of the lousy services.

So we sit and ordered. While waiting for the food, there were 2 guys pushing trolley. Then my mum asked

Mum: Boy (me) what's that hot thing that they sell?
Me: Owh, i think it's kuih / dim sum.. Do you want to try? *i waved my hands to those trolley boy* *ala2  miss universe*
Mum: Ok sure. What kind of food is that? Both of you (me n my sis) pick whatever you like..*she still looking the food inside the trolley*
Sis: You want some??
Mum: Later i share with you two.. i never eat that thing, is it nice? smells good...
Sis: Yes it is.. You should try it.
Me: Yes, yes... back in IPBL i always eat it with friends.. very delicious..
Mum: Emmm ok... later i will a try..

After paying for the food, we started to eat. Suddenly my mum asked,

Mum: Again what is this called again?

Dim Sum

Sis: Dim Sum.. Nice right?
Mum: Very nice.. Next time we eat this Dam Syik again...

My sis and i stopped eating and looked at each other...Then both of us burst into laugh. Non-stop~~~  *seriously hampir tersebur* on the table..

Me: Dam Syik??????!!!!! hahahaha *still laughing*
Mum: Dam Syik la~~ am i right?
Sis: Dim Sum la mumy..
Daddy: It's Dim Sum la.. Dam Syik is the name of country.. haha
Mumy: Owh Dim sum.. *She keep on munching the dim sum*

So this afternoon, she mentioned it again about the Dim Sum

Mumy: I want to eat Dam Syik la tonight..
Me: Dam Syik?? i was confused for a while.What is that Dam Syik???..*berkerut2 dahi*
Mumy: Ala the thing that we eat at Farley last week...
Me: ooooooooooooooo.....DIM SUM....It's Dim Sum la Mum...
Mumy: I prefer to call it Dam Syik. Easy to remember... Dim Sum sounds weird la... haha
Me: What? Weird? It's the real name of that thing for ages mum.. You want to change it to Dam Syik?
Mumy: Easy to say it loud ... Dam Syik. Dam Syik.... She repeated the word again and again..see easy what..haha
Me: Haha Ok fine.. Dam Syik it is... *smiling at her*
Dim Sum that we ordered just now..NYUMMY

Cute right!!!!!! i found it cute hihi..well it was her first time eating Dim Sum at the age of 49...haha

I'm so blessed to have the chance to introduce some interesting food to my parents. I know they had so much hard time while raising us up and the best way to pay them back is bringing them to eat NICE FOOD!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Do you see what i see???

Because there's nothing to do.. so i upload this pic...Before off to bed~~
I took it just now .....


p/s : next time i want to put that in my catalog~~ this is a good example of direct translation~~ hihi

Usap Perut

I just came back from Sing Kwong, (the old one). I think it have been years i didn't buy things from that place. So after my sis withdraw some money, we parked our car outside and entered. While we entered the building, there's a guy near the main door, standing waiting for someone i guess.. 

The same tall with me, not wearing specs, wearing white shirt and short pants.. but guess what ???!!

There's MORE~~~ To make it weird, there's something funny happened when i passed by him he suddenly rubs his tummy and automatically i did the same. TETEBYA SAMA2 USAP PERUT.... Tsk tsk tsk.. I wonder why??

Well there's no explanation for that. Until now i'm a bit confused. Maybe a sign for me to drop some fat... haha..

P/S: He is NYEM... seriously... ala2 muka ARTIS/RETIS... (this is the main point here!!)

Dapat Title "Uncle" agik..

This morning my dear friend , Leen sms me, around 4.30 am. Gigih nya sms while in the hospital. I think she still waiting for contraction period. Sempat gik nya madah baru terbuka 3cm. hehe

Then all over the morning i was so excited and nervous.. Tweet tweet with Nurul and sms others about the happy news. Finally, while i was sleeping soundly like a baby (wahh gteww), at 4.30pm she called me. To inform that she delivered the baby safely. BABY BOY. 3.11kg..  After 12 hours uols.. nang gigih mummy leen berjuang. How i wish i can visit her.. Nang kamboh sigek sepital digasak aku..haha 

Anyway, i'm so happy for her.. nang happy!! *masih terloncat*
P/S: Nurul wrote about this too ~~

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Know What U Did Last Raya @_@

Ok let us start with this entry. Last raya, my friends (Freddy, Julian, Chan, Sze Nin) and i went for open houses.. nang gigih..haha Thanks to Mr Julian for the ride.. Such a pleasant and gorgeous celebration this year, where by i able to visit my friend's house for the first time. 
FYI Julian and i did an early visit to Menn's house, where he and his family invited both of us to sungkei together with them. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Menn and his family for the warmest hospitality ever and the food were marvelous.

During the raya, we managed to visit several houses.. here we go~~ 

Menn's House

Sze Nin, Freddy and Chan

Tuan Rumah sedang berceloteh.. gteewww
Kak Zack's House *laksa sarawak nyaman sekali!!!*


Nur Malisa's House *retis sedang bertemu bual*
Thank you very much to you all ... Gonna visit again next year... hehe next time i will bring along containers n plastic bags~~

P/s: Mintak resepi rendang n kek uols!! Nang NYAMAN!!

Doing Nothing

Hello Uols!!!

It have been months, i didn't update my blog. Well~~ i was quite busy actually - DOING NOTHING ...FIGURATIVELY~~ haha *meroyan*

Sorry to my gorgeous reader(s). I will try my best to update  it again. So much to say, share and critique for the past few months but i don't have the courage to write it out.

To bring up my mood back i change the background...VOGUEH SIK?? haha love those small ribbons~~ hihi

Need to touch up a bit k.. Hasta la vista~~


Monday, August 29, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya

Selamat Hari Raya to all my friends Nurul, Leen, Menn, Ain, Nik, Zainal, Shapiq, Wawa, Nadiah, Saiful, and Nazim. I really missed the time when i always asked for Kuih Raya right after holiday. You guys never fail to get something from your house for me. 

How i enjoyed that moment. Siap ada yang bagi bercontainer-container agik iya. Nang meriah uols. We did some bilik terbuka in our asrama. Eat as much as we can. Sharing those unforgettable moments make me feel that you guys are rare diamond in this world. 

I won't be able to feel it again because we are far apart. I wondering when can i feel the same joy and tears of happiness again... Hoping the day will come. *Teybba touching kan*

Again Happy Eid ul-Fitr to all of you. Stay gorgeous and stunning. Eat NYEM NYEM and look for one as well..

P/s: Bila gik mok bergambar pakei baju raya ho??

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kuih Biskut Marie Ambun

Wah kelas nama biskut aku. Ok la peeps, last week i did make this dish. I bought all the ingredient less than RM 20. This kind food are good for gaining weight as well as finger food while watching television.

200 gram of Marie Biscuit
100 gram of peanut(roasted - no salt)
250 butter
1 cup of milo
1 can of condense milk


Break those Marie into pieces like this..*broke it like with your  heart*
Then smash peanuts using this
Lesung Batu *older than me - 28 years old*
Then heat up your pan, not too hot ok. Then pour the butter inside. I use this type of butter. Very cheap. RM 2.50 ja... Wait and cook until it melts. 

Then pour condense milk into the pan

Stir it gently

Then pour a cup of Milo and again stir it gently, with low fire.. 

After it mix well, pour the biscuit inside
Pour the peanuts as well
Then mix it well. Mix it gently about 2-3 minutes

Prepare a container to put it. Cover it with aluminum foil. Then put some butter inside, so it won't be sticky.

Pour it inside. Press it with spoon gently, so that it will fill the whole container well. Then finally, put it in fridge for about 3-4 hours.  
My tips:
  1. Make sure you slow your fire. Always keep it medium mode.
  2. Do not over cook it k. If not you will burn the milo on the pan.
  3. Best served with tea. Good for tea-time.
P/s: Enjoy my humble menu.. next time another dish.. *benda tok la yg buat i gemuk kat umah*