Monday, August 30, 2010

I don't mean to be mean...

Here is a little poem about the test today...


One big outrages test,
I felt the tense in my pants,
The old grumpy lady started to complain,
Because we sat too close and until we can hold each others hand.

She kept on saying test test test,
We had to change sitting place,
She afraid that we will copy and paste,
without her knowledge,
under the desk.

She yelled loudly from the stairs,
She said "No looking, talking, and even smiling to your friends.
I thought she had meaningless voice, intonation and stress.

Pressing the word 'test' again and again,
Made the girl sitting next to me had migraine,
Through the mind, soul, spirit, and brain,
Looking worse and thought her life gonna end.

I just answered the test anyway,
The quiz did make me gay,
Even though i am not well prepared,
But i tried to smile at her in a certain way,
Fortunately, my heart said :No way,
After the test, i just walked away.

Cute sik???

This is effect from the literature lesson (apa kah kaitan literature ngan D&P)..bole ja intergrate the lesson...kan..haha

Friday, August 27, 2010

Dinner with Her

After a few days skipping dating with her, i feel guilty. She quite up sad because ignoring her and went out with my friends. So at 7pm, i took her for a dinner. I boiled some water and I took her for bath. I put her in a pink dress. I let her relaxing in the pink bathtub. She was floating inside. She looked at me and said:
Please Close The Door, Sayang!!
Then i took the lid closed it. I waited for several minutes. I take out a box of raisins from my cupboard. I opened the lid.
Her smell was so tempting. Can't wait to lick and bite her with my pleasure skills(kenja & gatal). I pour some raisins on her body. Sweet enough to make me happy... I stirred her slowly and gently until it well mixed...
Finally i took my LARGE spoon and scooped her out of the dress. I bite her just like a VAMPIRE...i feel like Edward Cullen (indeed i am as NYEM as him) compliment to me!!... I feel the pleasure through my mouth, tongue n belly..(don't be jealous)... That was my lovely time having dinner with her...Miss Oats

HER with the pink dress

HER mixtures

Our marvelous drink Mr Green Tea

P/S: Aku sikda benda mok polah...haha


Right after class, steve n i went to Jalan TAR for raya shopping.(Raya juak ka?) we went to sogo 1st for our lunch then off to jalan tar. It was raining outside but the crowd is unbelievable.(sanggup jalan dlm hujan)..Sadly some parents brought their babies for shopping (dahla masih kecik mana la tau nak shopping baju) PELIK. Kesian anak ia dijunjung ke sana kemari...Worse thing, they still want to sequence themselves among the BarBaric crowd. hemm (geleng 2kepala)..

Mengalahkan org yg beraya...haha

I bought 4 kain kebaya n 2 DIVA's handbags for my mum n sister and kain batik for my dad. It only took 1 hour to grab those things because i had 'window shopping' before(twice within 3 days)NANG DIVA.. Then we decided to go for jeans n shoes hunting and at TS and Sg Wang..About 35 minutes journey, we arrived at Sg. Wang.We visited almost all the shop there (my style..mesti survey puas2) looking for jeans n shoes..Finally after 2 hour, i found my favourite jeans in FOS..'fall in love at the 1st sight'(matila bercinta ngan jeans)..Then we proceed to Time Square..Shoes hunting not finished we entered Body Glove shop and there finally Steve found his lovely shoes.(nang kacak) i pun jeles(matila)..rasa mok beli tapi aku jenis jarang pakai kasut..hemm..then we went for jeans alteration..It is cheap n we hv to wait for 30 minutes.. while waiting we did this...

FISH SPA~~~ ticklish aih..1st time ketawa aja2..

After took back our jeans and bought T-shirt, we come again to the same place. The auntie from jawa really nice to us. we tried this... NECK SHOULDER MASSAGE (tapi tak buka baju tau) jgn pikir bukan2..very nice yet relaxing..

After SPA-ing ourself, we walked back to commuter station. Then funny things happened. Steve actually has a Touch n Go card and i don't. So i have to queue up to buy it. Tapi train dh sampai kat bawah. so kami pun berlari anak turun tangga, Aku dengan pakai capal and plastic besar pulak tu mcm GORILLA jak turun tangga..and steve manage to get inside the train n i'm not..Memang time nak masuk pintu train tutup...Bunyi yang hanya dapat keluar dari mulut aku ialah..CIT CIT CIT.. Si Tikus nak buka pintu train..Orang duduk kat tepi2 semua ketawa incident itu..malunya..aku membawa diri ke satu sudut(buang kemaluan) n waited for another train..

Suddenly one message sampai:
Steve: Aku naik salah train!! Aku turun dekat chan sow lin..hahaha

Aku tergelak sorang2..(Sori Steve xdpt tahan)..Nasib aku tak naik td.. Sepatutnya kami naik pegi Sri Petaling..Tapi dia naik g Ampang..haha HAHAHA~~

So both of us meet at bandar tasik selatan n have a great laugh at the KTM.. Moral of the story : Must Look 1st At The Heading Of The from there we took KTM and back to UKM around 1030pm by bus..

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beliefs In Life

Just now i was exploring my sms draf (if u are using advance hp it is hard to explain) Then i found this quotation that i typed in during sunset mass back in Kuching (St. Joseph Cathedral) ...the father said:

"Christian is all about loving, not about sin and not about to do sin. Love not work according to rules. Loving is to serve, make danger and make mistake"

St. Joseph Cathedral

Wonderful isn't it? I was attracted to this quotation until today..i keep it in my hp so that i can read it again n again..I always asked myself what am i a christian? what do people mean by real christian?

First time: My first bible was given by my sister. It was a small bible that is dark orange in colour, small. My sister gave it to me at the age of 15 if i not mistaken. I was so happy to receive it n enjoyed reading it.(wlaupun x brpa paham) Time kecik2 dulu, i never go to church.(serius) My parents never bring me there. Until i'm in form 4, that was my first time go to church, it was a week before Christmas with my family. Super duper excited. 1st time ba.. i just followed people...every single "movement" through out the mass. No one ever taught me how to pray.. I know that's sound silly but it is reality.. I just follow n learned along the way..i have no idea what "actual words of praying" that is supposed to say before eat,sleep, wake up n many more..i just create it by myself in my own words..even until my opinion it's not wrong and yet the words that i say is sincere..which is important ...sincerity to pray...

FYI my family is still conservative in terms of religion. Until now, we still practicing the ancient miring ceremony, which is a offering to God.. My little brother always argued that "we go to church but still having this"..usual answer: "this is our culture, never ever throw it away"..In the mass they said "stop doing THE is against the teaching.." (here i'm quite confused)depend ngan org kot..

Luckily, IPBL brings me a whole new understanding of christianity..My ex-rum8 teachd me lots of information..he is very good in explaining to me.i always asked questions: Good Friday tu pa? holy water is for what?story inside the bible? lots n lots of other questions..and he never failed to answer me..same goes to my other friends there..From there i learned bit by bit (like snail)about Christianity..i go to church every week. i joined the chapel group even i had class about Catholic(but i didn't finishd it due to pre-prcticum)..Then my sister, lil brother n i was baptised in 2007 as a Methodist, 2 days before Christmas (without any class to attend - i mean intro n content)..what to do? never joined the Sunday school..hemm

Now in UKM,honestly i seldom go to the friends asked: why last time you quite active but now not so? yes i do admit answer is..
"praying is an act of willingness and sincere"
..barula berkat.pegi church/praying no need to heboh2.. It is between you n God kalau x pegi chruch masih jugak bole sembhyg...dimana2 pun mesti kan...that should be the way..i'm sad if people said:pergi church for ikut kawan, cari nyem2,cari bf/gf, sbb hari ahad nak shopping lepas sembahyng..mmg tidak ikhlas..(sori if i tembak here)

okay..this is my interpretation of my own beliefs in life...some people totally reject it n some might stand by me..(btol kan?) hihi adios..

Something 'stupid' under the table

this is a picture that i found under the table during Discourse n Pragmatic class..this is a drawing by the stdnt...i dunno who...but it is very 'dirty' and illustrated that the drawer is desperate to have sex (antap glak want to bobok aja2).....and very 18xx rated...only those who are above the age is allowed to see this...

i did some editing to the pic (dh pandei edit pics ba) hihi
because of this fasting month...we should not see the "unnecessary" things..batal posa...
tapi yg penting aku sik mok rosakan blog ini..haha (mudahan juak)..

my questions are..
1)What actually in this drawer mind?
2)Does he draws it based on his prior knowledge? / pervert ka?
3)Is this considered as an art?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Metacognitive (thinking about thinking)

I was so free today ( yeah right) thesis blum polah questionnaire lain busy porah AW aku busy cari butang link ngan Fb..haha then i jumpa juak...

Just now browse some pictures some of my friends in FB..they nurses, Medical assistants and maternity ward assistant...
I was thinking : SHOULD I QUIT TEACHING SOMEDAY N BECOME ONE OF THEM..(jap aku sik tauk mcm nie mok polah bold n huruf font besar) gne ia??huhu

ok...i was so happy n smiling to myself while looking at their pics..jealous a bit but i really want to try that profession...why? because i always dream to become a medic studnts..(wahh) last time before i join teaching, i was applying for nursing n MA..i really interested in the job..maybe inspired by my mum...really like to read books in nursing(KO HADA?) then back in school i joined the PBSM since form 1 (yg penting penah jd treasurer n secretary) peremonss..but i like it..from there onwards i learnd every single PC form the senior...Kawad kaki yg paling penting(mala jak dpt no 2 n3) sikda position lain ka? then i took the PC test..but only pass the theory but not the practical...then i ALWAYS in charge during the SPORTS DAY...people sakit here n there..pastu... cramp sana pengsan sini..but i enjoy myself helping them (terutama part urut paha n betis cramp..) haha kejii...hihi then help people to calm down....yg bleeding blood there blood. BLOODY HELL la...kalo berdarah...ambun ko tolong rawat nye...hemm salu buli aku kan..tapi suka sebenarnya.. never feel tired to do it..dats why i applied for Nursing n MA..amin juak..akhirnya dpt surat tawaran...tapi offer cgu datang dulu...jd cgu lagi menarik..(so mumy asked me to pick it)...then..i go for it because i think it will be good in terms of salary n it is a to MA n Nursing (diploma) tapi bole further syudy kan..agak pjg masanya...hemm..sometimes i told my mum..mumy after degree in teaching can i apply for nursing? my mum said it is diploma...membazir jak ko belajar jd cgu ...ko ambik nursing /MA lama i stick to her order ja...gtew.

sampai sekarang pun ..if my friends are sick, luka here n there..i will try my best to help them...beri penadol..sapu ubat..bagi ubat..eemuuah...sayang pesakit aku kan..hihi
jap mun aku jd nurse gtok ku...

but after teaching practical then i know where am i in school...i'm a very strict teacher and very very loud..hemm (discipline teacher ka?) but i love stdnts as well..that is the power of educating ba...hihi i really enjoy teaching right now..mun ada rezeki mek smbung nursing bole?haha


at last i know how to put it on fb...

yea yea yea...i knoe tht i'm quite 'etol' in ict..matila..baru pandai buat link ngan fb...this is my new blog..actually dh lama...but no courage to write...until i thinking of something while i showering just now...why not start to write something about ur life kan..then u can compile it ...i was inspired by one of the lecturer who used blog for education..opinions and thoughts are good...reader response ba...hemm..then i figure out that nasib laa..mun blog i rojak ke sambal belacan ka...janji i write something rather than nothing kan...