Tuesday, November 8, 2011


 These are my little heroes. People said that having cats as pets can reduce your tense/stress and improve your health. I totally agreed on that statement. Sometimes when i'm alone cat is a great company. People would say dog is better but i hate *the barks*. A bit annoying to be exact. Cats will ONLY meow if they feel hungry. Yes, it's true / or i would say it applies to my cats and their favourite food is fish. They love to run inside the house because i didn't let them play outside, I'm afraid they will get lost, like what happened to my previous cats.These are their gorgeous pictures. 


KONTOT (because of the short tail)

BINO (because of the colour)

Both of them in the middle of fighting...
Well my family favour Siamese cats. Because of their blue sea stunning looking eyes and they are so active. Seriously playing non-stop until i have to stop them..

p/s: sapa mok kucing siam..mek ada agik... kat umah panjang~~ kelak mek tolong ambik~


  1. Cute!!! :D
    I'd love to hav a Siamese cat but too bad my parents don't allow me to rear... huhuhu so sad. ><

  2. hihi..never mind..later if you have ur own place, you should keep one.. later i give u as a present..hihi there's some new born kitten back in long house.. cat can give birth 3 times per year.. should start a business.. haha