Monday, October 24, 2011

Dam Syik

Last week, my family had our dinner at Farley Sibu. Those who are from Sibu know that food court. So as usual we tried to find n sit at our favourite spot. FYI it have been months we never been there( after one incident whereby my food never come to me AFTER ONE HOUR) . Not that recommendable place to eat because of the lousy services.

So we sit and ordered. While waiting for the food, there were 2 guys pushing trolley. Then my mum asked

Mum: Boy (me) what's that hot thing that they sell?
Me: Owh, i think it's kuih / dim sum.. Do you want to try? *i waved my hands to those trolley boy* *ala2  miss universe*
Mum: Ok sure. What kind of food is that? Both of you (me n my sis) pick whatever you like..*she still looking the food inside the trolley*
Sis: You want some??
Mum: Later i share with you two.. i never eat that thing, is it nice? smells good...
Sis: Yes it is.. You should try it.
Me: Yes, yes... back in IPBL i always eat it with friends.. very delicious..
Mum: Emmm ok... later i will a try..

After paying for the food, we started to eat. Suddenly my mum asked,

Mum: Again what is this called again?

Dim Sum

Sis: Dim Sum.. Nice right?
Mum: Very nice.. Next time we eat this Dam Syik again...

My sis and i stopped eating and looked at each other...Then both of us burst into laugh. Non-stop~~~  *seriously hampir tersebur* on the table..

Me: Dam Syik??????!!!!! hahahaha *still laughing*
Mum: Dam Syik la~~ am i right?
Sis: Dim Sum la mumy..
Daddy: It's Dim Sum la.. Dam Syik is the name of country.. haha
Mumy: Owh Dim sum.. *She keep on munching the dim sum*

So this afternoon, she mentioned it again about the Dim Sum

Mumy: I want to eat Dam Syik la tonight..
Me: Dam Syik?? i was confused for a while.What is that Dam Syik???..*berkerut2 dahi*
Mumy: Ala the thing that we eat at Farley last week...
Me: ooooooooooooooo.....DIM SUM....It's Dim Sum la Mum...
Mumy: I prefer to call it Dam Syik. Easy to remember... Dim Sum sounds weird la... haha
Me: What? Weird? It's the real name of that thing for ages mum.. You want to change it to Dam Syik?
Mumy: Easy to say it loud ... Dam Syik. Dam Syik.... She repeated the word again and again..see easy what..haha
Me: Haha Ok fine.. Dam Syik it is... *smiling at her*
Dim Sum that we ordered just now..NYUMMY

Cute right!!!!!! i found it cute hihi..well it was her first time eating Dim Sum at the age of 49...haha

I'm so blessed to have the chance to introduce some interesting food to my parents. I know they had so much hard time while raising us up and the best way to pay them back is bringing them to eat NICE FOOD!!!


  1. HAHAHA very funny la!!! xD
    Ur mum is so cute~~~
    But owh dim sum is so delicious~ yum yum *saliva dripping now*

  2. haha...nyummy right... i wonder how do they made it? if i got the recipe, i want to try la~~

  3. hmm i have no idea hw they make the food. although it's chinese food and i'm a chinese. :P