Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dapat Title "Uncle" agik..

This morning my dear friend , Leen sms me, around 4.30 am. Gigih nya sms while in the hospital. I think she still waiting for contraction period. Sempat gik nya madah baru terbuka 3cm. hehe

Then all over the morning i was so excited and nervous.. Tweet tweet with Nurul and sms others about the happy news. Finally, while i was sleeping soundly like a baby (wahh gteww), at 4.30pm she called me. To inform that she delivered the baby safely. BABY BOY. 3.11kg..  After 12 hours uols.. nang gigih mummy leen berjuang. How i wish i can visit her.. Nang kamboh sigek sepital digasak aku..haha 

Anyway, i'm so happy for her.. nang happy!! *masih terloncat*
P/S: Nurul wrote about this too ~~

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